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Partnerships for Impact

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Our Funders & Partners

Partner & Fiscal Sponsor: Amalgamated Charitable Foundation 

Amalgamated is redefining philanthropy by empowering activism, harnessing generosity & leveraging technology.

They serve as a platform for progressive, social change philanthropy that manages more than 150 donor-advised and collaborative funds on the frontlines of social change. The approach combines commitment to accountability, collaboration and equity with investments in technology and innovation.

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Partner & Fiscal Sponsor: Movement Strategy Center  

Since 2001 MSC has challenged systemic racism by providing space for reflection, experimentation, incubation, and fiscal sponsor services to BIPOC, women, and LGBTQIA Transformative Movement leaders tackling social justice causes that center on the interconnected issues of racial, gender, and environmental inequity.

They insist on a radical shift in philanthropy that transforms giving practices in support of a culture of equity and diversity.

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