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"Our Sisters are Sacred" Fund

Helping Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit (Gender Expansive) people (MMIW/G2S)

Our action fund for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit (Gender Expansive) people (MMIW/G2S)

R2HF's partner, the Roy & Patricia Disney Family Foundation, has made a lead investment and will match every dollar-for-dollar raised, up to $500,000. R2HF’s goal is to raise $1 million by fall 2024.

“We cannot afford to lose one more loved one, sister, mother, daughter or community member,” said Gina Jackson, R2HF Co-Founder & CEO.

“We must fully leverage our impact and stop the targeting of Native Women, Girls and Two-Spirit relatives. Help us support those in the grassroots making a difference every day and spreading the values of justice, equity and love for humanity.”

We will spearhead the way to help donors make a historic investment in grantmaking to Native Women-led organizations that are dedicated to fighting for MMIW/G2S. Here's how the fund will make a impact across the nation:

  • Grants will be awarded to Indigenous women-led organizations working on MMIW/G2S issues across the nation, with a preference for states with the most alarming statistics
  • The awards will be named after a Missing or Murdered Indigenous Woman or Girl to honor and bring greater awareness to this epidemic
  • R2HF will leverage the organization's strong relationships within Native networks, philanthropy and media to increase awareness and amplify the efforts to disrupt the MMIW/G2S crisis

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