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Healing Retreat Center

Connection to the sacred, healing and supporting communities.

For Lakota people, PE’ SLA is known as the heart of all things. Centrally located in South Dakota’s Black Hills National Forest, this high mountain prairie is historically, culturally, and spiritually significant for its role in traditional ceremonies, star mapping, and creation stories.  The Healing Retreat Center is strategically situated near this and other sacred Indigenous sites to nurture profound personal and collective healing experiences. (Photo credits)

We are creating a transformational Healing Retreat Center located on the sacred Lakota lands of Pe' Sla in South Dakota, where people can disconnect from the distractions of everyday life and connect to the sacred in and around them.

The center will provide a venue for individuals and groups from the corporate sector, entertainment industry, philanthropic arena, nonprofits, Tribal governments, and others to participate in healing, growth, and team building experiences, to include R2HF’s Transformational Actions Training.

The Healing Retreat Center will also include festival grounds to host concerts, pow wows, and other cultural events. Facilities will include tiny houses and tipis for camping/glamping, a dining facility, and outdoor meeting/activity areas.

Additionally, The Healing Retreat Center will provide new revenue streams, economic stimulus, and job creation for the Oglala Lakota people and the Pine Ridge Reservation through construction, manufacturing, and maintenance; tourism, hospitality, arts / crafts, and retail; and music festivals, cultural gatherings, and other events.

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