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Heart Story Curation: Indigenous Feminist Justice Leadership and The Philanthropic Call to Action

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Through a partnership with Uplift the Matriarchy, Return to the Heart Foundation (R2HF) is proud to share a NEW research report, authored by Dr. Joannie Marie Suina (Pueblo of Cochiti). This report covers a 3-year journey of healing efforts led by Native Women across Turtle Island while highlighting the R2HF Traditional Helpers & Healers Microgrant Fund that invests in Native Women-led projects.

The research also spotlights rematriation strategies that Native Women are revitalizing as a response to further uplift their communities by leading and funding healing efforts (philanthropy and self-funded). The report is a call to action for funders to advance the work forward by making sustainable investments toward Native Women.


Announcing New Giving Circle!

The Return to the Heart Foundation’s (R2HF) Giving Circle was created to support Native Womxn and Girls! Join the Circle in solidarity with colleagues, allies, activists, and community to lift up the voices of Native Womxn and Girls. Monthly support will empower programs which include Microgrants to Traditional Helpers and Healers, Fellows/Ambassadors, and support our work focused on Native Girls.

R2HF is turning the tide on the narrative and flexing to let the world know we are still here, we are strong, we are resilient, and we are bringing healing solutions to our communities, the nation and the world. Because we have been targeted for our land and resources, a genocide has taken place here in the U.S. that has been minimized and swept under the rug is his-story. Healing is happening and it is being led by Indigenous Womxn. 

A welcome package is given to circle members who commit to a monthly donation of $25. Be the power that fuels the voices, advocacy, and supports Native Womxn and Girls!

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The contributions of Indigenous women have not been visible or significantly included in contemporary social causes.

Even before this decade of Times Up, Me Too, Climate Crisis and the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage, the contributions and struggles of Indigenous women and girls has not been visible or been significantly included in contemporary social causes and initiatives. Therefore, the solutions of and for Indigenous women and girls have not been present at the decision-making table.

Against this backdrop, this is the critical moment and opportunity to support an Indigenous Women-led organization, Return to the Heart Foundation, which is focused on uplifting initiatives to achieve long-term narrative change strategies from within social movements.

*Return to the Heart Foundation is fiscally sponsored by Amalgamated Foundation.


Our Focus Areas


Civic Engagement

History was made in 2019 with the first Native Women being elected to Congress, as State Representatives, and to local government in states and on the national level. Native people have been called the “sleeping giant” and our voices in many states could turn the elections, change America and even change the world.


Climate Justice

Indigenous Women have endured the violent impact of the fossil fuel industry and the Indigenous Women led organizations on the front lines need support now more than ever to continue their fight for their rights related to health, land, territory, culture, language, livelihoods, sovereignty, self-determination and development.


Narrative Change

Our voices, our stories, our narratives are only beginning to be heard. History is fraught with stereotypes, misinformation, and unacknowledged contributions and struggles of Native people, most especially Native women. Pocahontas is used as a racialized slur from the leader of America. This is unacceptable.


Restorative and Regenerative Development

Return to the Heart Foundation’s vision is to open doors that have never been opened to innovate and catalyze Native women-led economic and business activity by expanding access to capital, increasing asset development, and expanding local employment opportunities.


Meet the Team

The co-founders are visionary Native women experienced in community bridge building, called to bring healing and action to native communities through their ancestral wisdom. They believe impact and cultural shifts come from a diversity of perspective and skill. This team holds unique expertise in advocacy, civic engagement, community development, healing, narrative change, philanthropy, strategic planning and leadership development.

Gina Jackson



Gina Jackson, MSW is Western Shoshone and Oglala Lakota. She is a dreamer and a doer. She worked on groundbreaking Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Guidelines and Regulations then joined the Obama White House Community Solutions Team. She recently worked for Native Americans in Philanthropy bringing the Truth and Healing Movement to the philanthropic sector. She has 20 years experience encompassing state/tribal justice, collaboration, policy, and philanthropy. She is a connector, igniter, innovator, and equity builder to bring healing for our nation. You can reach Gina at

Sarah Eagle Heart

Co-Founder/Senior Philanthropic Advisor


Sarah is an Emmy-award winning social justice storyteller, non-profit leader, consultant, activist, author, media strategist, and producer focused on advocacy on behalf of Indigenous Peoples rooted worldview as an Oglala Lakota raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. She is an internationally accomplished executive with a diverse background in tribal, corporate, and non-profit organizations. Ms. Eagle Heart is the former CEO of Native Americans in Philanthropy. She has raised over $20M for native people. You can reach Sarah at

Red Dawn Foster

Co-Founder/Senior Consultant


Red Dawn is currently the South Dakota State Senator with over ten years of experience working with Tribal communities in economic development fields. Red Dawn is passionate about utilizing her education and experience to promote positive planning, design, and construction for the future growth and development of Tribal Nations. Red Dawn received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado and received her Master of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame. You can reach Red Dawn at

Staff & Advisory Committee
Kelly Drummer
Anita Fineday
Tenzin Seldon

$ Dollars Raised

Years of Bridge Building Experience

Tribal Community Building Experience


Our Unique Combination

50% Bridge Building and Storytelling

Our co-founders hold a unique vantage point in culture shift and narrative change strategies with philanthropy initiatives and influencers: Anne Hathaway, Dispatch, Indigenous Women Rise, John Legend, Mark Ruffalo, Portugal the Man, Mumford and Sons, Shailene Woodley, Taboo, Tonia Jo Hall, and Women’s March.

50% Community Building

Native women are the heart of our nations. In communities where women are supported children and families thrive. Entrepreneurial endeavors, new technology, innovative problem-solving, and community capital increases as women are invested in.


Our Funders

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